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Quissett Ship Clock

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Quissett Ship Clock

Jim Akens

319 Woods Hole Road
Falmouth, MA 02540

Quissett Ship Clock is located in the village of Quissett, between Falmouth and Woods Hole, on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. My shop is located in the 1851 home of Captain William Davis, a whaler.

I first became interrested in ship's clocks about 40 years ago when I began sailing on research ships for my employer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. About 20 years ago I started collecting ship clocks seriously. Since almost none of them worked properly when I received them, and having them repaired was a difficult and expensive proposition, I learned to repair them. I am fortunate to have as a friend a very good watchmaker and machinest. With his assistance and that of others, I have gained some proficiency in repair.

Hours are by appointment. Contact Jim Akens by email:

I often have a few clocks for sale in the Quissett Studio Pottery showroom.

My wife, Anne Halpin, is a potter. Her work can be seen here:

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In a long ago previous career, I worked as a folk, jazz and rock and roll sound engineer for Dawson Sound, masterminded by Dinky Dawson. Many of the shows I worked on are presented in in the Dawson Sound Catalog in Wolfgangs Vault.
Vintage Concerts from the Dawson Sound Catalog at Wolfgang's Vault

The Quissett Croquet Club

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